Hello Musicians!

I’m Jon Wright, a composer based in London, UK. My music has featured on networks including NBC, CBS, Discovery, History, EuroSport, and the BBC.

The initial idea for this website came to me after a positive response to articles about composing production music I posted on Jonathanwrightmusic.com .

So I figured I would note down a few more things I’ve learned over the years in industry, and create an online resource. As I started writing, I realised it was going to take a bit longer than I first thought!

I’ll be offering tips on the process of composing library music from start to finish. Including optimising your workflow, composition and exporting techniques, submitting to libraries and most importantly – looking after yourself.

The information on this website is based very much on personal experience. It is practical advice for anyone with an interest in composing production music for a living full-time, or to supplement their income.

Please feel free to comment on the articles if you have any questions, or suggestions for updates to the guide.

Thanks for reading!